Aug 7, 2013

Greek mythology Quiz Answers..

hay woozens! Sorry out blog has been down for while, but now it's alright and we can continue the fun :)
What are we missing? oh yes, the Greek Quiz in woozworld answers :))
We are like the first blog to type them hehe :))

1. Zeus
2. Olympus
3. 12
4. Hades
5. Athena
6. Odysseus
7. False
8. Theseus

Prize: 200 points for your team, Goo girls!

Remember: If girls win, then we will get a cool trophy in our inventory's soon like Mya sayd..everyone off girls will get oneeafter this week :) :O Yay! Go girls!

Sincerely, Avrilalavina1 (Awesomness owner)

The New logo coming soon :))